CEO Hisashi Onoue

02.2017CEO, WOWZik LLC.
08.2016General Manager, Nara NBK Dreamers.
05.2016Director, NPO Nara NBK Dreamers.
03.2016Chairman, React Co., Ltd.
05.2015Founded React Co., Ltd. President & CEO.
04.2015Corporate Adviser, grooo Co., Ltd.
03.2015Special Corporate Adviser, USEYA Co., Ltd.
12.2014Chairman, WithOnoware Co., Ltd.
12.2014Founded WithOnoware Co., Ltd. President & CEO.

We continuously launch ourselves in new directions without forgetting the challenges of startup allowing us
to support Japanese IT techniques for all levels of operations.

Corporate Secretary Erika Webb

02.2017Corporate Secretary, WOWZik LLC.
09.2012Director, mobile application company.
09.2009Assistant Manager, software testing company.
05.2008Test Engineer, software testing company.

Welcome to WOWZik LLC. Our collaborative systems allow for tremendous leaps forward with
expanding enterprises. WOWZik will WOW you with Zillions of new Ideas and Knowledge.

Director Koji Waki

02.2017Director, WOWZik LLC.
12.2004Joined WithOnoware Co., Ltd.
04.2004Started a sole proprietor business.
04.1997Worked for a self-funded major software company for 7 years.

We are surrounded by evolving information technology.
WOWZik will always anticipate demands and progress to lead the industry.

Director Chihiro Nakamura

02.2017Director, WOWZik LLC.
05.2016Joined WithOnoware Co., Ltd.

IT has a place creating convenience & comfort in everyone's lives.
Our promise is that WOWZik will be an integral partner in your company's continued growth.